Summer Acacia Honey

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Acacia honey is one of our top quality honey from Honey farms around Pindi and surrounding areas.

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                        1 Kg
Acacia honey has distinct aroma and taste. It has all the natural qualities and attributes of pure, raw and unfiltered honey

Some interesting info about Acacia Honey

High concentration of fructose in acacia honey makes it one of the sweetest varieties of honey, however thanks to the low sucrose content it is the best choice for diabetics. It is known to regulate intestinal function and cleanse the liver.Due to its outstanding antibacterial properties Acacia honey helps in treating catarrhal and acute respiratory diseases, headaches, kidney diseases, atherosclerosis, and is a reliable sedative for nervous disorders and insomnia.

Honeybees at work on Acacia


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First time tasted Acacia honey
I had my first taste of "Acacia Honey" last summer while visiting Islamabad. I bought a kilo and shared it with a few friends here in Florida. All of my family love honey and we have some really good honey here, but summer "Acacia"  from Pakistan has a depth and complexity I've never tasted in honey before.

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