Bee Story

I wakeup and head straight to our main gate towards the Sidr tree jungle.  We are hard workers bee and travel quite a few kilometers to get the good nectar. Its not easy to find prized catch as there are bees from other colonies buzzing everywhere and we need to find the flowers untouched by any other of our sister bees. 

When we are foraging in the Sidr jungle we constantly dodge killer wasps who if successful suck us to death and hummingbirds that swallow us in midair.  The weather is beautiful today it is start of autumn and cool breeze is pushing me towards the flowery sidr trees. These white flowers contain life elixir called nector. I choose tree a kilometer away from water pond across the hive which has lots of fresh blossoms and sweet nectar. It has been less frequented by the bees from other colonies.This nectar is stored in a honey sack I carry all the time ,it takes about hundreds of flowers to get nectar sac filled. 

On my way back I am chased by a swarm of rascal wasps who try to shoot me down during flight with their piercing stringers. However they are the loser most often in this hot pursuit as bees are powered by the divine juice of Sidr flowers.

honey bee
sider tree
sabeel honey