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Limited time Sale 10% off on Extra Virgin Sidr Honey 10kg Box 



Sabeel Sidr Sidr Honey Premium Sidr Honey Premium


Now you can enjoy the great taste of Extra Virgin Sidr Honey by our special offer to our valued customers. Get box of 10 Kg of Sidr honey at 450 USD. Its' steal considering the fact the same honey is sold at 90-105 USD per kg as Yemen Sidr Honey.

How confident we are when we say this, please read the statement from MD Haji N Khaliq from Brunei

“Recently i like your honey is so much. Because last time i ever tasted Pakistan Sidr Honey that sold in Mecca. 

I fell in love with it. I have this feelings your honey is superior. I can smell its scent. Strong scent! it makes me wonder if it is either Sidr Yemen or Sidr Pakistan honey is better. N Khaliq, MD, Brunei”


We have lots of testimonials from other satisfied customers.

Sabeel’s Sidr Honey extra virgin is packed in 1Kg, 1.5Kg and 3Kg bottles and shipped over to UK, USA , most of western Europe , Far East and middle east. We accept Paypal , Western Union as acceptable methods of payments.